Guaranteed Score Improvement in our Tutoring Packages

Based on the performance data of our over 1,000,000 students practicing in our apps and on our decades of collective tutoring experience, we at ScoreBeyond have unique and deep insights into what makes tutoring effective and what makes test prep students successful. We use such data, experience, and insight to build our various tutoring packages.

These packages include minimal requirements of the tutor and student to have a successful program. The specific requirements of each tutoring package are listed on and include:

Tutoring Hours Delivered

Questions Answered

Full-Length Tests Completed

If a student meets these minimal requirements as part of a regular and well-proportioned tutoring program, we will guarantee the specified score improvement for each package. If a student fails to meet ANY of the above requirements specified in his or her tutoring package, we are not confident that the student will necessarily reach the specified score improvement and thus cannot guarantee it.

"What is a regular and well-proportioned tutoring program?" you might ask. Well, we can probably answer best by describing the hallmarks of an irregular and poorly-proportioned tutoring program:

the tutor and student do not meet regularly, skipping more than 10 consecutive days;

there are big gaps (more than 5 consecutive days) between when a student practices;

the majority of in-app question practice (i.e. more than 20% of the student's total practice volume) is done in the last 7 days before the target test date, or student tries to complete more than 400 questions per week, classic signs of cramming;

full-length practice tests are completed very close together (within a couple days) or very close to the goal test date (within the last 5 days), another sign of cramming;

the student doesn't complete the assignment(s) from the tutor.

A student should meet with his or her tutor and practice regularly to ensure optimal impact of the program on the student's score improvement. If a student in a tutoring package shows ANY of the hallmarks of an irregular and poorly-proportioned tutoring program above, we cannot guarantee that package.

We want our tutoring packages to remain flexible for students and we want to be the fairest for our customers regarding our guaranteed tutoring packages. However, it is ScoreBeyond policy to not issue any refund on a tutoring package for which the student fails to meet ALL of the specified requirements as explained above. ScoreBeyond will send email, text message, and occasionally phone call updates about students' progress; however, it is ultimately the parents' and students' responsibility to ensure that the requirements of the tutoring package are met.

For a customer/student who does not improve his or her score at all after satisfactorily completing one of our tutoring packages, ScoreBeyond will issue a full refund of the purchase price of the package or complimentary tutoring hours for the student to use to try to improve on a subsequent official test. For a customer/student who improves his or her score but does not reach the guaranteed score increase, ScoreBeyond will issue a prorated refund based on the gap between how much the student's score improved and the promised increase. For example, if a student who originally scored a 25 on an official ACT then scores a 26 on another official ACT (a 1 point increase) when his or her package guaranteed a 3 point score improvement, then ScoreBeyond would issue a refund of 2/3 of the purchase price of the package. This student could also choose, instead of a refund, to receive complimentary tutoring hours to use for another official test.

If a customer and student qualifies for ScoreBeyond to honor our guarantee on a package and elects to receive complimentary tutoring hours as explained above, those hours cannot be more than those originally purchased and do not come with another score improvement guarantee.


For SAT and ACT, we are NOT able to accept all levels of BASELINE scores.

For ACT: We can NOT accept a baseline score that corresponds to less than 10th Percentile in ACT Composite score. In 2017/2018 Academic Year, this Percentile corresponds to the Composite Score of 14. So, if your student's baseline ACT score is below 14, we will NOT be able to create a guaranteed program for your student.

For SAT: We can NOT accept a baseline score that corresponds to less than 10th Percentile in SAT Combined score. In 2017/2018 Academic Year, this Percentile corresponds to the Combined Score of 830. So, if your student's baseline SAT score is below 830, we will NOT be able to create a guaranteed program for your student.


We can establish the baseline score for your student by using 2 sources:

1) Your student's Official Score Report from a recent official exam. We can only accept baseline score from a test that was taken in the last 6 months (180 calendar days), counting from the day of your student's first tutoring session date.

As an example, if the date of your student's first tutoring session is 12/1/2017, then we will accept an Official Score Report from a test date on or after 5/31/2017.

2) Our in-app diagnostics process that includes the first Diagnostic Test, and then 4 personalized workouts. In this case, our Tutoring Operations team will provide, in writing, an estimate of your student's estimated score by using both score estimation and time management data.

Only in exceptional situations, we will accept to administer a paper-based full-length test, prior to the start of the program. This will be explicitly called out in our Baseline-setting related email correspondence.

Note: We will NOT accept the following scenarios for baseline setting:

a) Outdated Official Score Reports. The Test Date of the Official Test needs to be at most 180 days away from your student's first day of tutoring with us.

b) Unofficial Score Reports. We will NOT be able to count on score reports produced by other test prep and tutoring providers.

c) Best Score among all the tests your students took. If your student took multiple Official Tests, we will only use the most recent test score.

d) Screenshots of CollegeBoard summary scores (or ACT summary scores). For baseline setting purposes, we take into account different sections of the Official Score Report file. Therefore, while summary score screenshots are initially helpful for us to understand where your student is, it is not sufficient for us to deploy a fully-effective tutoring plan. Therefore, screenshots don't count as valid baseline score sources. We require the standard Official Score Report PDF file from CollegeBoard or from ACT.


For SAT and ACT, we are NOT able to cover all possible score outcomes and baselines for our guarantee provisions.

As the guaranteed outcome, the highest score we can guarantee with our money-back refund policy is the 97th Percentile score. This is 1450 for SAT and 32 for ACT. This means, regardless of the package you purchase, your student's guaranteed score outcome can not exceed 1450 in SAT and 32 in ACT.

Because of the statistical difficulty to achieve a score above a 1450 in the SAT and a 32 in the ACT, ScoreBeyond does not guarantee that our tutoring students will score higher than those scores for each test, regardless of the students' baseline scores and the guaranteed improvements stated in the various tutoring packages.

If a student switches test domains or disciplines midway through a tutoring program, or splits the tutoring package's hours between two domains or disciplines, ScoreBeyond cannot guarantee improvement at either test.

To receive a refund as part of your tutoring package's guaranteed score improvement, please send your request via email to ScoreBeyond will need the official score report (OSR) of the test the student took after receiving tutoring and the OSR of the same test type taken prior to starting tutoring. Please include them as PDF files with your request.

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