Why did I receive an invitation to the Parents Dashboard?

ScoreBeyond's test prep and tutoring technology is designed to connect three important stakeholders for test prep success: the student, the parent, and the tutor.

Parents play an important role in supporting and encouraging the student in this challenging period. Our Parents Dashboard is a web-based product primarily designed for parents to review student progress, strengths, weaknesses, activity frequency, target schools and goals, and tutoring needs.

If you started receiving invitation emails and sms messages from our system that identify you as a prospective parent, that is because one of our students have entered your contact information in the sign up process. In 95%+ of the cases, our students enter an accurate parent information.

In certain edge cases, the student might mistype the parent email or the phone number, and you might not recognize the student mentioned in our communication.

In that case, please kindly use our Unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails to cease automated communication. In certain cases, you might receive an sms from one of our Test Advisors to check in on the student progress. A simple answer to our text message will help us put you on "do not contact" list, if you are not related to the student.

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