First-Session Guarantee

Test Prep decision is an important one, and the potential cost of a wrong decision can be significant. Therefore, we only want to continue working with our parents and students if they are 100% confident and delighted about our partnership.

One of the ways we make this happen is our industry-leading First-Session Guarantee policy. We know that, for many students, video chat-based private tutoring is a novel experience. While we have extraordinary satisfaction rates in the aggregate level, we believe each and every one of our new clients should have a risk-free opportunity to try and see our tutoring before they commit their time, money, and energy into this partnership.

When a client (student or parent) purchases a tutoring package, the first session comes with the 100% satisfaction guarantee. After the session, we expect our client to reflect on the end-to-end experience (pre-session, in-session, post-session experiences) and to feel 100% confident about our test prep methodology. Unless we receive a clear feedback from the client to move forward with additional tutoring sessions, we offer a full and instant refund with no questions asked. Regardless of the initial purchase amount (whether the client has purchased $50 or $5,000 worth of tutoring), we issue an instant and full refund unless the client wants to continue working us with additional sessions.

Thru Oct 31st, 2016, we have delivered 14,265 tutoring sessions protected with the First-Session Guarantee. 99.25% of these sessions were declared 100% satisfactory by our clients and therefore the guarantee clause was not triggered. In only 0.75% of the sessions, our client requested to trigger the First-Session Guarantee. In more than half of these requests, the client had requested a make-up session rather than a refund, because the primary issue in this small volume of sessions was internet connection reliability. In essence, our refund rate has been under 0.4% for all the first sessions combined.

If you have any questions on our guarantees or need to request a refund, please reach out to immediately. A Test Advisor or Client Success Manager will respond swiftly.

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