Switching to New SAT in SAT Up

The Current SAT as we know it is changing in 2016. After the Jan 23rd test, the CollegeBoard will be administering a new exam. It is currently called "New SAT", and it has different characteristics in content and scoring. The first New SAT will be administered on March 5th, 2016.

SAT Up is fully ready to help students and parents targeting the New SAT. It just needs a little bit of set up in the app to configure this. This configuration is needed because we have students studying for the Current SAT, and also students practicing for the New SAT.
If you want to access our New SAT module in SAT Up, here are the steps to accomplish that goal:
1- Use the toggle at the top left of your SAT Up home screen to switch to the New SAT mode.
2- Once the switch is completed, you will see a new color scheme, and a clear headline at the center top indicating the New SAT module:
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