Tutoring Referral Program Rules (for Referred Friends)

The ScoreBeyond Referral Program allows parents or students to receive one free hour of tutoring when mentioning a referral code provided by a friend or colleague.  By participating, users agree to the terms below.  

How to Claim your Free Tutoring Hour

To claim your free hour of tutoring, you must purchase a package with a minimum of 3 total hours. When you purchase a package of 3 hours or more, a $50 discount is applied to the total purchase.  

When calling ScoreBeyond to claim your free tutoring hour at 1-800-294-2630 or talking with one of our expert Test Advisors, the Test Advisor will design a tutoring plan with the minimum number of tutoring hours needed to meet your student’s target score for the college or university he/she wishes to attend.  

Tutoring prices start at $50 per hour and discounts are applied to orders greater than 1 hour. A breakdown of tutoring pricing can be found at https://parents.scorebeyond.com/dashboard/tutoring?ref=navbar


Referral Codes last indefinitely.

Family members living in the same household may not use each other’s referral codes to claim a free tutoring hour.  

ScoreBeyond also has a 'purchase one hour of tutoring for $50 trial', which is exempt from receiving the referral discounted offer. If you purchase the 1 hour trial and then purchase a package of 3 or more hours within 30 days, we will honor the referral discount of $50 for the additional package.
For additional questions, call 1-800-294-2630 or email tutor@scorebeyond.com


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