What happens after purchasing tutoring sessions?

After purchasing your first tutoring session, our test advisor will contact you to determine which days and times you are available for 1 or 2 hour sessions.  Based on your availability we will match you with the best possible tutor who is an expert at your specific needs identified from your practice data in the app.  

Your tutoring sessions will take place online via Skype or Google Hangout video conferencing which helps the student and tutor collaborate just as they would in-person.  After a tutor is chosen, an email will be sent to the student introducing the tutor who will provide their Skype or Google Hangout contact details to ensure an easy connection to start the tutoring session.  During the session, the tutor will target your greatest weaknesses to improve scores the fastest.  The tutor will also provide test-taking tips and strategies for how to optimize your time and score on the test day.

After each session, the tutor will provide a specific practice regimen to prepare you for the next session to understand your progress and also determine which specific subject to focus during the next session.  

If you have questions along any step of the way, please contact us via email at book@scorebeyond.comor call 650-353-8840

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